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Supporting Research and Education

The NCMIC Foundation, Inc. was founded by NCMIC to fund both research and educational projects relating to chiropractic care and/or alternative approaches to healthcare.

Commitment to Supporting Healthcare

NCMIC’s commitment to supporting alternative healthcare is clearly evidenced by donations of more than $12.3 million to education and research organizations since 1995.

As a result the company’s ongoing generosity, NCMIC was often asked to make donations to support individuals and organizations within the alternative healthcare professions. To be more thoughtful and proactive in the way in which NCMIC disburses research and educational funding, NCMIC has created the NCMIC Foundation.

The NCMIC Foundation hopes to support current advancements in research and provide preceptorships that would not been possible without the Foundation’s backing. The Foundation believes building this cadre of future researchers is critical to the survival and advancement the alternative health industry.

Foundation Leadership

Reed Phillips, D.C., MSCM, Ph.D., is the executive director of the Foundation.

The business and affairs of the Foundation are managed by the following board of directors and officers:

  • Louis Sportelli, D.C., President
  • Stanley Bushner, C.P.A., Treasurer
  • Thomas Schmidt, Sr., Secretary
  • Ronald Segel
  • Gerald Strubinger, Jr., Esq.

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